Customer Support

OOur customer support is made up of a global network of LIEBHERR service organizations, whose priority is your success. Experienced teams with variety of capabilities, machine know-how and languages, are available for tailored assistance to customer specific projects and site requirements.

Support Packages

LLIEBHERR tailored support programs are created with our customers in mind, and are designed to present a cost-effective package for specific needs of the mine, machine, or customer’s wishes. LIEBHERR strives to meet the high expectations of our customers by providing exceptional service and high-quality customer support and interaction. By developing products alongside our customers, we can offer the product that customers need and want, not a product they must adapt to.


Services Features

  • Assembly & Commissioning Support.

  • Proactive Machine inspections to Assess Condition.

  • Technical Assistance on Call, 24/7 or with Permanent.

  • Diagnosis & Troubleshooting Support.

  • Maintenance & Repair Jobs, Supervision or Turnkey.

  • Structural Component Inspections & Repairs.

  • Maintenance Contract up to Full MARC.



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